photo of jyl
Born in Miami, Jyl is a London-based photographer who works mainly in black and white, documenting the things that fascinate her. These are either very serious subjects; criminal psychology, the penal system, and extreme deviant behaviour or highly frivolous; baking, christmas decorations, American diners, exploring cities by foot. The resulting pictures are usually a combination of these two opposites.

Her influences include photographers Gregory Crewdson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Pierre et Gilles, artists Jeff Coons and Patrick Calder and Art Brut ,three letter US enforcement agencies – both above-ground and covert, US clothes designer Stephen Sprouse, Steven Pinker, death papparazzi Weegee, the Body Farm, Linguistic analysis work of Susan Adams, and american 50s/60s cooking icon Betty Crocker. She works with a Nikon 35mm SLR camera - braving the chemical developer fumes for the picture quality. She's also a musician (one half of Giant Jr, the music/multi-media group), a film-maker, and obsessed with large dogs.